VPS hosting include

VPS is the most suitable server platforms for IT companies. With several advantages over the traditional shared servers, VPS has become the most popular hosting platforms for websites as well as applications. The features of VPS hosting that makes it so desirable is the flexibility, consistency, security, efficiency and the scalability it provides. To name a few others, VPS is highly advantageous over the traditional shared and dedicated servers in terms of speed and storage spaces. It is an economical solution for smooth and efficient operation of a website. The various plans for VPS include large storage spaces for memory as well as the transfer of traffic on the website. Along with large storage spaces, the RAM of the VPS machines ranges from 1GB to 8GB. The payment plans for various VPS options can be scheduled as monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually paid bills. The VPS hosting plans are different from the regular hosting plans where a fixed amount is paid.

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When you buy VPS, the cost of the plan is inclusive of the following:

  1. Processor: the processor of the machine which is used for VPS hosting ranges from 1 GHz to 5 GHz. The higher the processor the better is the performance of the machine.
  2. RAM: the space used by RAM determines the speed of the processor and furthermore the speed of the server.
  3. Storage Memory: the storage memory of the machine can range from 30GB to 80GB and above. More storage space means more data can be stored in the cloud.
  4. Traffic Memory: the traffic memory ranges from 1TB to 4TB. More space for traffic implies that the more and more users can access the website without any lag or delay in loading of the page.
  5. Bandwidth: different plans offer different bandwidth. Generally, 100 MBPS is the standard bandwidth provided for VPS hosting till the monthly traffic limit has been exceeded.