Real Guide To Ear Stretching

The ear stretching can be versatile, appears great and rewards the body modification ultimately. It is also one process which calls for less know-how, more than the less patience and respects or understand the body. The main rule that you must remember about it is that this is safe. There are various steps which you can follow to get it started. For beginning it, you need to get your ears pierced in a traditional way. The sizes of ear jewelry are measured in the gauges that run typically from 20g to around 00g. Any of the sizes which are larger than the 00g can be called in inches or millimeters.


What do you need for ear stretching?

You must make a note that, before starting with the ear stretching, the real piercing must be healed properly. After this, determine the starting point. Variety of jewelry for ears is present that you can select in any of the sizes and also comes in various materials. Understand different jewelry types and learn how the ear gauge works. You can go for tapers, plugins, tunnels or eyelets. You must also keep in mind to make use of a lubricant like a jojoba oil of vitamin E. the best time for stretching the ears is, when you step out of the hot shower because at that time the skin of earlobe is pliable and softest.

Know more

Start ear stretching by massaging with lubricant in your ear and slowly insert taper, the small end first in ear piercing. Pay attention to how you are feeling because it should not be painful. In case you feel the pain, immediately stop as pain is one sign which states that piercing is not at all ready for getting stretched. The stretched ears look really beautiful but this look is something for which you must wait for.