What is a trucker hat?

A trucker hat is a type of baseball cap that is worn by the baseball players. Often known as mesh cap or netback cap, the back panels of this kind of cap are made up of mesh fabric that is woven in such a manner that maximum comfort is given to the player in terms of perspiration. So in such designs, the player comfort is given the maximum possible care and hence they are very comfortable to wear, particularly during the summers. Apart from baseball, such caps are also famous in other outdoor sports due to their extreme comfort factor. The article discusses further the custom trucker hat and how can they be produced as per the needs of the customer.

The available features

Keeping in mind the wide range of tastes and choices of the customers all over the world, the custom trucker hat is available with the following features: –

  • Using a highly resistant plastic insert such caps are given a curved visor appearance, keeping in mind some of the aerodynamics concepts
  • The materials for the product are hand-picked and further hand-sourced during the processing period of time.
  • The front panel is padded with foam or other comfortable material to make the product classier.
  • These are generally manufactured in 5-6 panels and hence are available in a wide range of customizations.

The ordering process

In order to place an order for a custom trucker hat, following steps need to be followed: –

  • Providing quotation by sending the exact requirements
  • Post-approval of quotation, the design is made and tested before going for final manufacturing.
  • The bulk production is done and then the products are shipped by branded logistics. Generally, the period of delivery is about 45 days on an average.

The pricing is done completely based on the customer’s requirements and is given along with the quotation.