Friteuse or a fryer is more than a household appliance

One of the innovations of technology that has proven to be extremely helpful is the deep fryer or in German a Friteuse. Deep frying is a method of dry heat cooking which involves heating the food at high temperatures in certain liquid. For the love of fried food such as fried vegetables, meat, pieces of bread and even the fried ice cream, a deep fryer is the best appliance. A variety of foods can be made in a deep fryer and various parameters are involved to buy that one highly efficient deep fryer which not only fries foods effectively but keeps in mind the health as well. The basic methods of deep frying involve the following:

  • A basket method which uses a basket to fry foods is the basic and simplest method of frying
  • A double basket method is used for floating foods which cooks the food evenly and two baskets are used for efficient frying
  • A swimming method which for the food items which are covered in certain batter and have a possibility that it might stick together. A strainer is used afterwards to filter the food out.

A Fritteusen Test can be done in which a Vergleich or comparison of various types of the fryer is done to give the best suitable appliance. The basic things to keep in mind to buy an efficient fryer are safety, hygiene and ease of cooking. There are three basic types of fryers available in the market which can be chosen according to the features of the device and these features can be easily known by a Friteuse Test to find out the best suitable deep fryer. A high quality, design, efficiency, performance, operation and cost-effectiveness are the features to look forward to in a fryer to get high-quality food which has taste and is healthy as well.

Friteuse or a fryer is more than a household appliance: