Approaches to Matched Betting

Matched betting has ingeniously become a popular betting trend among individuals across the world. This betting technique is often regarded as the second income source for many. The use of matched betting services like subscription-based services is due to the growing popularity of matched betting.

Profit Accumulator

Matched betting in simple words can be regarded as a betting technique that entails incentives and offers provided by bookmakers from which individuals can bet and make profits. This betting technique is also known as back-bet matching or lay-bet matching or double betting.

Matched betting basically uses a mathematical equation rather than chance and hence can be regarded as one of the risk-free bettings.


Approaches for Matched Betting

Prior to placing a bet, one needs to register for an account with one or two betting exchanges or bookmakers wherein either the bookmaker or the exchange provides at least free bet.

There are generally two approaches if one wishes to place a matched bet:

  • Manual – In the manual approach, an individual himself looks for betting offers, exchanges or markets, and calculates the odds and the calculations for these odds. An individual has to do all the calculations for the right odd which is tedious and time-consuming. It also requires sound knowledge and expertise in betting since a high level of numeracy is involved.
  • Assisted – In contrast to manual where the individual needs to do all the work of finding various bets, in the assisted approach, there are software packages and/ or websites that help identify the right odd to place a bet by providing a comparison table along with a matched betting calculator that allows to select type of bet, stake, time frame and bonus, known as auto-matches, for individuals to bet on.

Profit Accumulator provided assistance to betters for finding offers and bets from various bookmakers’ websites and bringing it to the customer so that the individual can make a profitable bet. Profit Accumulator, thus, makes it very easy for the betters to bet on with such a simple process.