An Effective PiYo Results

PiYo is a great workout regime for the 21st century, sure, but what about the results? One person who has tried the workout, a single mother says that the whole Piyo regime failed to stir the interest and motivation for her to continue the workout. After a mere 2 week try, she says she gave up.

About Piyo

A review from another person who has tried the workout – a mother again but also a certified personal trainer says that she enjoyed the workout. She says that the workouts were fun and quick and excellent for people who want to keep it moving. She also says that it’s great to improve flexibility and strengthening as its bodyweight based.

Why Piyo

A couple of other fitness bloggers share the same view as the one above. Apart from the pros mentioned above, many feel the workouts are actually too short.  Apart from this one of the good things about this workout is that it can actually improve your posture and flexibility as told by one reviewer.

Uniqueness About Piyo

Another blogger who is quite impressed with this regime says that PiYo is a different workout which unlike most of Beachbody’s workouts is not a high-intensity one.  She says that the best part is that it comes with a modifier which can change the level of intensity as needed. The diet plan too that comes with the package is pretty good as it focuses on whole food nutrition where you have to measure your intake depending on the calorie intake.

The piyo results as inferred from the above reviews seem to be a good option for somebody who’s already been working out or is a fitness enthusiast. For others who are just beginning to explore the world of workouts, it may seem a little too much too quick but if you’ve got the motivation and the interest like they say, you can do anything!